Ronald CYRILLE is a Caribbean visual artist who is also known as B. BIRD for his talents as a muralist. His artistic works are strongly influenced by his roots and history, as well as the Caribbean universe in which he operates. He draws inspiration from this material to fuel his imagination and explore his own obsessions, often considered to be his subconscious. In his works, he combines figures and elements from a real and imaginary bestiary, which often take on symbolic and meaningful forms.

By seeking to move shapes and objects according to his own will, Ronald Cyrille explores the "magico-religious" universe of Creole imagery and creates references to a sacred or profane elsewhere that transcends conventions. His work coexists with a tangible, geographically inscribed universe and a symbolic universe derived from his imagination and island identity.

The quote from Jean Dubuffet, taken from the preface of the exhibition "Paysage Portatif" (1968): "No more mystical execution on the physical world [...]. Now the unreal delights me, I hunger for the non-real, for false life, for the anti-world; my works aspire to surrealism," perfectly summarises the approach of this creative and inspired artist.

Originally from Guadeloupe and Dominica, Ronald CYRILLE studied visual arts at the Caribbean Arts Campus in Fort-de-France, Martinique.