© Photograph by Daniel Dabriou


Ronald Cyrille spent his childhood on the island of Dominica, where he was influenced by the landscapes, places, and culture of his parents, a Dominican mother and a Guadeloupean father. Later, after arriving in Guadeloupe, he began practicing drawing by creating illustrations, comics, and popular cartoon characters.

After completing his general secondary education, Ronald Cyrille earned his Master's degree in Fine Arts in 2012 from the Caribbean Arts Campus in Martinique, where he was awarded the "Jam Session" for young talents in Martinique that same year. Upon returning to Guadeloupe, he won the Start Prize from the Departmental Council of Guadeloupe in the visual arts category.

Over the past decade, Ronald Cyrille's studio art practice has been greatly influenced by the "street art" movement. He is open to the world and enriched by cultures, and wishes to share his art beyond his usual spaces. He navigates between the practice of vandal art and his training in art school, as well as between hip-hop culture and Caribbean tales.

He has exhibited in numerous exhibitions over the past ten years, and has been invited as an artist for the 2022-2023 cultural season at MACTe.


  • 2012 Master Campus of Caribbean Arts of Martinique
  • 2015 Brainstorming in 2015 at the Clément Foundation
  • 2016 Volta New York Fair
  • 2018 ADN at the Atrium


Collective exhibitions

  • 2010 Bagneux House of Arts, The Street Arts
  • 2013 Duve Gallery in Berlin with Barthélémy Togo
  • 2016 Maison des Arts de Bagneux – Mémoire Caraïbes
  • 2016 Carré des Arts of Guadeloupe
    Old Mill Cultural Center Roseau – Dominique
  • 2017 Mémorial ACTe Gabriel Garcia-Marquez, Edouard Glissant
  • 2017 Carré d’Arts de la Guadeloupe, Maison du gouverneur – Antigua, Dominique, Barbade
  • 2018 Wine Road Miami – Tout-Monde Festival
  • 2018 Eclat d’iles – Paris
  • 2018 Fondation Clément – Désir Cannibale
  • 2018 Port-au-Prince, Haïti – Festi-graffiti
  • 2019 Centre d’Arts Little Haïti – Désir Cannibale
  • 2021 Atlantic World Art Fair – expo virtuelle
    Commissaires : Holly Bynoe et Analee Davis
  • 2022 Fondation Clément – Marché d’arts


Artistic residencies

  • 2015-2016
    Atelier 89 Aruba Caribbean Linked 3
    Curators: Holly Bynoe, David Bade, Analee Davis, Elvis Lopez
  • 2018
    Cameroon, Bandjoun Station Curator: Barthélémy Toguo
  • 2020
    Connected residency Miami (PAM) Guadeloupe (MACTe)
    Curators: Maria-Helena Ortiz, Iberia Pérez, Laurella Yssap-Rinçon
  • 2022-2023
    MACTe residency
    Heritage Curator: Laurella Yssap-Rinçon